Review Analytics for eCommerce sites – Video Blog


Infrrd is happy to launch its Video Blog series in which members of our team talk about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Our Product Offerings and much more to engage and educate you. In this video blog, out VP of Products, Pallav Tandon, talks about Review Analytics.

Importance of Review Analytics

Today, I am going to talk about one of our offering called Review Analytics. Most of you must have shopped online and come across websites which offer products with hundreds if not thousands of reviews. One of the problems that shoppers face today is how to go through these hundreds of reviews very quickly while they are doing research for the products or trying to figure out the best differentiating feature for that product.

That is where our review analytics component comes in. It is a piece build on AI which is able to parse and summarize the reviews just as a human would. It summarizes all the features and differentiates of the product and also the sentiment behind those features that it gathers from user reviews and user comments from all over the internet.

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