Video blog – Machine Learning for Merchandisers

This is the second Video Blog in Infrrd’s Video Blog series in which members of our team talk about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Our Product Offerings and much more to engage and educate you. In this video blog, our Product Manager, Sugam Bahl talks about Machine Learning for Merchandisers.

Today we are going to talk about how AI and Machine Learning helps Merchandisers of eCommerce companies. These days Merchandisers put in lot of time and effort in maintaining the product catalog data. This product catalog data is used for search, browse and recommendation. To get proper attribution, they look at the description and a lot of specifications around the product to populate these attributes and this takes a lot of time.
Our solution that uses Machine Learning can do this automatically. What is does is, it looks at the images of the product, it looks at unstructured data around the product and finds out the unique features around the product, the attributes around the product and automatically populates it. This saves a lot of time for the merchandiser and is really accurate.

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