Infrrd Recognized With Top 5% Diversity Score- Comparably

Infrrd has reached yet another milestone. We have received a diversity score of 90 out of 100 by company culture assessment website – Comparably.

Our company has been reviewed for our overall culture score, gender, ethnicity, eNPS, and other parameters and has emerged as the top 5% among 690 similar sized companies such as Edlio, CoverHound, and Asana. In fact, we’re proud to announce that we’ve won the 1st place against many of our competitors. An A+ rating from Comparably indicates the fact that our employees have a good and diverse work experience at Infrrd. Our diversity score has been steady over the last 90 days.


Amit Jnagal Infrrd CEOAnd there’s more, our CEO – Mr. Amit Jnagal has been ranked 83 out of 100 by our employees which makes him rank 1st among the other CEOs. Not only this, our managers and the Executive team have received a great assessment.

When probed on what they like the best about company leadership, the common employee response was:

“Innovation, open to feedback and opportunity”.

“They have a big vision of where they want to take this company”.

Our work culture score ranks 1st leaving Appian and Clarifai behind. Our employees have given us a 67 promoter score which makes them our personal ambassadors. They’re most likely to refer their friends and acquaintances to work with us. With 1st in Employee Net Promoter Score, we have beaten many companies on their evaluations. Employees have expressed that they feel highly productive at office and excited to come to work. We’ve been scored as 1st in Work Environment as well.

Our Senior Manager, Lalit Agrawal says “Each individual, be it senior or junior, takes ownership of the tasks assigned to them. Amit, CEO of Infrrd, who himself is very passionate about technology and a great mentor has handpicked every member of the team.

When employees were asked what makes them happy at Infrrd, the common answers were:

“Solving hard problems, challenge, interact with smart people.”

“Seeing how our contributions are taking this company forward”

Besides this, we’ve also received an A+ company outlook rating, giving us an edge over our competitors. Only a positive workplace can yield positive outcomes for the future. Even though we’re steadily expanding our business in other parts of the globe, we are doing everything to keep our employees motivated. We stress on employee satisfaction and that’s why we are consistently rewarding their individual efforts. Our high retention score of 94 is just a testament to such endeavors.

We, as a company, believe in finding the right people for the job who can stick with us as a family and groom themselves in the process. So, it means a lot to be recognized for our nourished culture and we hope that this journey continues to build a better future.

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