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Infrrd has some exciting news to share with its users: we have just won two prestigious awards, Rising Star Award for 2018 and Great User Experience Award by FinancesOnline

Infrrd OCR has officially been reviewed and certified by FinancesOnline, an independent SaaS review platform that strives to create unbiased analyses in a bid to help businesses find the perfect solution that fits their unique requirements. Not only did Infrrd OCR garner a positive rating, but it was also certified with the Great User Experience award for 2018.

The AI technology of Infrrd OCR, according to FinancesOnline, is capable of efficiently extracting simple and complex data as well as key fields from various types of documents for hassle-free procurement of information. FinancesOnline was impressed that our AI Platform is powerful enough to capture data from IDs, passports, financial statements, custom PDF formats, and even hand-written forms and notes. These are some of the reasons why FinancesOnline distinguished Infrrd OCR with the Great User Experience award under their best artificial intelligence software category. Simply put, our AI as a service model of OCR can make data capturing a breeze, thus saving precious time and eliminating mundane tasks so employees can concentrate their efforts on other activities. Infrrd OCR also runs on mobile devices for easy scanning of documents and on-the-go data extraction.

Infrrd’s high accuracy document digitizing and automated data capturing OCR solutions improve cost efficiencies in the business environment and provide substantial returns on the original investment by different industries like retail, finance, vendor management systems, back office & BPOs etc. The recent updates make it more customizable for the end user in terms of identifying new fields and line items as well as supporting customized analytics on extracted data using Elasticsearch and Kibana. Post the recent GDPR changes, Infrrd has also ensured it stays compliant with data privacy policies, making it customers’ favorite extraction tool.

Proving the effectiveness of Infrrd OCR for businesses is our perfect 100 percent user satisfaction rating. This score was gathered by FinancesOnline through its SmartScore System that aggregates the opinion of users from across the internet. Due to our high positive user feedback, FinancesOnline branded us as a Rising Star for 2018. Software solutions with this award have proven popular with clients due to its reliability and effectiveness in solving one’s daily work processes.


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